Sunday Times August 30, 2009

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Here we are on the eve of the EU legislative ban on incandescent lamps and the Sunday Times at last questions the sense of this legislation!

link to article “Dim thinking behind the new lightbulb laws”

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  1. peter in dublin

    September 12th, 2009 at 14:12

    if noone else questions it in any article, what can you do?
    write an article…..

    I recently wrote this for an American magazine

    Light Bulbs and the Madness of Energy Efficiency Regulations

    Also, my recent extensive EU ban criticism on
    the Commissioners blogs,
    that now come out to defend the EU ban:

    Piebalgs post
    (he says “choice will increse now”)

    Wallstroms post
    ( she says “noone makes any convincing case against the ban”)

    Unfortunately, as with Sunday Times, most media criticism is about the CFLs – justifiable of course, but
    giving a cop-out justifying a ban in terms of LEDs

    The ban is of course wrong not just on choice grounds,
    but on the very energy and emission basis behind it.
    As we have pointed out on our sites, there may be some marginal eventual energy savings once all factors are considered, but the need to save energy (as paid for by consumers) can be questioned –
    there is no shortage, plenty of renewable development will take place, if there was a shortage the energy price rise would give increased demand for efficient products
    anyway – and the difference to global warming that a whiff or two of CO2 makes is questionable, CO2 that light bulbs themselves don’t give out in the first place.

    I can’t believe the worldwide idiocy going on here.
    I wish there was a politician that had something in his/her head that could be likened to a brain.

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