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Below are some links to places on the web or articles that have relevance to the discussion on this site. If you have suggestions for things to add here please email to

Peter Thornes Extremely interesting blog on political and economic issuesrelating to this ban

BBC report UK Environment Agency info on CFLi safe disposal Matt Prescott who has the opposite view!

– Elliot Sound Products Mr.Elliot is on the same wavelength as us!

– Impact, Doug Hembruff A catalogue of safety issues with CFLs

– Greenpeace : Light Brigade Action against retailers, read the comments!

– Hamlton Spectator Article on banning the bulb in Ontario, Canada

– Wikipedia Incandescent Wikipedia history of Incandescent Lamps

– Wikipedia CFL Wikipedia info on CFLs

– The Scotsman Feb24/07 Article with very interesting public reactions

– Light’s Labour’s Lost PDF of flyer for this book

– Light’s Labour’s Lost Link to IEA bookshop to purchase the book

– European Lamp Companies Federation Website with a lot of interesting info

– EE Publishers A response to an article by Carl Gardner

New Electric Politics Website prepared by Dr. Peter Thornes, Dublin, Ireland

– Greenwashing lamps Here is another blog on this issue from Sweden though the site is in English

-Wikipedia on Phase out of Incandescent Even Wikipedia has joined the bandwagon! This is a good source for numbers and dates