Close one loophole? Open another!

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February 2016 saw the introduction of the EcoDesign regulations intended to close the “Specialist Lamps” loophole by broadly stating that if a higher efficiency lamp was available that could do the same thing the incandescent “energy guzzling” specialist lamp was no longer permitted. This has signed the death warrant of the “Rough Service GLS” lamp with additional filament supports and the “Exterior” lamp that was a facsimile of the first single strand metal filament lamps. These latter have become the hallmark of the trendy bar and restaurant in the past several years.

The specialist lamps that they could not outlaw are “Oven Lamps” intended for use inside domestic and commercial ovens  and “Signal Lamps”  that exist specifically for use in traffic and railway signalling equipment where the filament form and light output must meet specific legislative requirements for traffic safety.


Today I received the following email from Scheifer Lighting in Holland:


Dear Customer/Relation,

Attached you will find our latest price list for general consumers incandescent lighting. This is an overview of our complete range of bulbs, as you know it from us.

Of course you are aware of the fact that incandescent bulbs are being phased out. As you can see in the attached list, the majority of our incandescent program is currently still in stock and available. Some items are now no longer available and marked with delisted. Where possible we have provided an alternative in the article description.

If you would like a complete list of alternatives to incandescent lamps in LED and halogen, ask our Inside Sales or a digital Alternative List.

PAY ATTENTION! For various items that are still in stock but being phased out or items that are no longer available you can use our alternatives in Oven lamps of Traffic lamps.!

As you are aware the oven lamps differentiates itself by the cement used between the base and the glass balloon, which is heat resistant up to 300degraas and also has a different type of gas filling.

The application is only increased and the prices are very attractive.

 We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that several incandescent lamps in tube model, which were always in the attached consumer pricelist have now been moved to a pricelist for incandescent singallamps. To all our customers and relations that have this Signal lamps pricelist we hereby send you our most recent pricelist Signal lamps.

 Should there be no suitable alternative in Oven lamps or Traffic lamps and you would like to divert to halogen or LED but you not have the relevant pricelist? Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager of contact person of the inside sales department.

Met vriendelijke groet / With best Regards,

Lise Ommering- Zeiter

Sales & Accounts Administrator
T: +31 (0)76 526 94 78



Attached are a number of spread sheet price lists including new lamps in both Oven type and Traffic type that provide lamp shapes and wattages that are similar to the banned, standard, incandescent lamps.  This is welcome news particularly for people who suffer from problems relating to LED and Fluorescent lighting. Right now I can’t think of a way to block this loophole as long as Schiefer can demonstrate a legitimate application for their new lamps.


Kevan Shaw 12 Dec 2016

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