Document Downloads

This page contains links to a number of PDF documents relating to the discussion on the site. Please download them and read at your leisure!

Summary of USA legislation

The complete Bill of the USA legislation

Press Release from Secretary of State Hilary Benn on 29 September 2007 outlining the agreement reached with the lighting industry to stop the sale of incandescent lamps in the UK

Presentation by Kevan Shaw given to the Joined Up Lighting Seminar in London on 17  October 2007 covering the arguments on this site regarding the problems created by the proposed ban on incandescent lamps.

Paper by Klaus Stanjek commissioned by Greenpeace in 1992 identifying many of the issues discussed on this website

Another paper commissioned by Greenpeace challenging the arguments in the Stanjek paper as they contradicted their ongoing policy in favour of compact fluorescent lamps