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Osram Factory

I am not referring to Cree’s recent offering on YouTube but the news that Osram are closing their incandescent lamp factory in Tangerang, Indonesia. Apart from devastating a community by removing 1,100 jobs from a less than vibrant economy this factory has continued to provide incandescent lamps for the countries that have not so far joined in on the banning craze. This is now bringing to an end any reason to continue to campaign on this issue. The industry are achieving their aims of removing a good, simple, practical and safe product that is cheap to produce and cheap to sell with a variety of expensive, complex and more polluting things.

I have not discussed the second part of the European ban affecting reflector lamps for a while. This is now law and takes effect in September 2013. The strange thing is we still do not know what will be made unavailable, the lamp industry is absolutely silent on what they will continue to provide apart from the higher price eco lamps. Neither have they seen fit to publish the data necessary that will allow us consultants and consumers to understand what should still be available. As previously discussed the basis for the ban is illogical and probably even less considered than the incandescent lamp ban. I really do not know where we go from here.


Kevan Shaw 30 May 2013

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  1. peter

    September 9th, 2013 at 15:59

    Incandescent campaign still OK..
    Incandescent ban in USA oversight funding blocked by Republicans and they are declared legal in Texas, Canada have delayed ban, New Zealand abandoned ban, incoming Australia premier Abbott supposedly against ban as with other CO2 related carbon tax etc regulations…
    …also re manufacture still being made Ukraine etc and still made as halogens where allowed, and rough service types for industry are finding their way to ordinary EU consumer markets in Germany, Britain and elsewhere, some of them pretty identical to ordinary incandescent bulbs also in brightness eg 1340 lumen 100W 200-240volt EU standard.

    RE this and about the September 2013 regulations and follow up on EU review of existing regulations, including the recently announced EU Commission meeting open to the public in November 2013, see

    For a 14 point referenced (UK DEFRA, US Dept of Energy etc) rundown of why incandescent regulations make no sense on overall energy or environmental grounds, as well as for reasons of product choice

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