Is EMF from CFLi going to cause human health issues?

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Doyen of Lighting Designers Howard Brandston has spent the early part of this year beavering away in his garage undertaking some fundamental research into another area of concern around the Compact Fluorescent ballast Integrated “Energy Saver” lamps. His focus is on the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) created by these. He has gained initial funding from the IESNA and has prepared a discussion paper identifying issues that require further urgent investigation.

There has been concern for some years over the EMF created by high tension power lines that have been liberally draped over the landscape since the 1930s providing the electrical power grid that we all rely on for a continuous and reliable supply of electricity. Epidemiological studies have identified clusters of Childhood Leukemia around areas where power lines are in close proximity to housing and schools. So far a direct cause and effect has yet to be demonstrated however there are degrees of caution that need to be observed.

Howard has identified levels of EMF around and close to some CFLi lamps that exceed the doses considered to create risks and he asks what the potential impact is of bringing many of these EMF sources into our homes to replace the EMF free incandescent lamp.

His paper is sufficiently detailed to clearly demonstrate the need for more research and the need for funding, may we wish him the best in his search for funding and continued work in this field.

The full report is available here
Kevan Shaw

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