The Lightbulb Saved Again?

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Hot from the internet rumor networks comes the news that Steve Stockdale of Advanced Lighting Technologies promised us a new generation of Line Voltage Hybrid Incandescent lamps running a 30Lm/W efficiency. This is in the USA so they have the advantage of 120 Volts however the technology uses a re-crystallised, structured, Tungsten filament operating in an envelope with a halogen gas fill and a high performance infra red coating. The aim is to bring the first generation of these lamps to market in time to meet the ban on conventional incandescent lamps in California next year with the possibility of meeting a 45Lm/W performance by 2020 in time to meet the next round of energy legislation. The presentation given to Energy Star is available here. Let us hope that this turns into real product and that they develop the technology for European and middle East line voltage of 230V

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